The advantage of a global network for local success

Within the global market of medical devices, BENION specializes in precision planned business strategies and opens the door to dedicated professionals who will always strive to provide the highest level of support and services.

The global medical device market is a heterogeneous, dynamic and competitive sector. Access to this market requires profound insight into the myriad of regulatory, clinical and commercial systems of different territories. A medical device that has been approved in one country may have to satisfy new or additional requirements in order to gain market access in another country.

As a full-line service provider BENION offers advice on marketing and sales themes. Once a product achieves approval for a specific market, local business rules may differ in order to comply with traditional and cultural conventions. Our local partners know how to communicate the advantages of your product – a basic requisite for your financial success.

Based on our in-depth knowledge and experience and together with our international partner network we will guide you on your path to commercialise your product and service brands, while expanding your sales territories and increasing your company value.

BENION follows its mission to provide comprehensive guidance for clients who wish to

  • expand their business into additional territories, such as the Americas, Europe or Asia.
  • grow under cost control and increase company value.
  • expand and take over market share from competitors.
  • expand their product lines to improve existing requirements or cover unmet needs.
  • expand their overall profitability.