Full-line consultancy tailor-made.

For your global business.

Within the global market of medical devices, BENION specializes in precision planned business strategies and opens the door to dedicated professionals who will always strive to provide the highest level of support and services.
BENION offers advice and bespoke solutions for start-ups, small companies and global multinational players through internal commercial and clinical expertise and wide external international network proficiency.

The main focus lies on sectors such as:

Administrative Affairs

Health Economics.

Administrative affairs require a profound understanding of regulatory guidelines and standards applicable in different regions, countries and continents. With detailed knowledge of the global medical device market, BENION offers individual solutions with regard to regulatory, reimbursement, compliance, governmental and legal affairs. Also covered are health economics including economic modelling, data collection and statistical analysis.

Strategic Affairs

Corporate Strategy.
Investment Strategy.
Brand Development.
Commercialisation Models.
Global Growth Strategy.

BENION’s entry to strategic affairs is based on a portfolio approach that reflects your corporate strategy, growth ambitions and international expansion plans. To implement a clearly defined, long-term vision of your business, we offer support on investment and global growth strategies. Based on commercialisation models, we also stimulate the development of both, market-orientated business plans and brands.


Market Assessment.
Validation of Customers’ Needs.
Product Qualification and Positioning.
Internal and external Communication.
Medical Writing.
Media Plan.

BENION’s approach on marketing focuses on two areas: territory specific market conditions and requirements, and communication. Market-based activities include a comprehensive assessment or creation of your marketing strategy, i.e. validation of customers’ needs, territory specific product positioning and price identification as well as internal and external product differentiation. Communication-based activities comprise an extensive analysis of both internal and external communication strategies. The intention being the implementation of international communication strategies. BENION’s support also includes medical writing of, for instance abstracts, manuscripts, reports and journal publications.


Distributor Assessment.
Commercial Development.
Marketing Team Trainings.
Communication and Negotiation.

BENION offers a wide network of optional sales partners, and a comprehensive assessment of your distributors’ sales capacity with regard to market position, commercial development and global trade potential. We also offer individual trainings to enhance communication, negotiation and networking skills of your sales and marketing teams.


Product Analysis.
Performance Validation.
USP Identification.
Competitor Analysis.
Pricing Strategy.

BENION facilitates a comprehensive analysis of your products: Meeting customers’ needs. Product alignment with your existing product range. Product performance under perfect and challen-ging conditions. Product positioning, USPs and product design. Product manufacturing, pricing and market share.

Clinical Affairs

Clinical Trials.
In vitro and in vivo Studies.
Clinical Advisory Board.
Clinical Registries.

Based on the experience of a multidisciplinary expert team, BENION offers creative input for the conduction of clinical trials including study design, protocol, implementation, execution, data analysis, write-up and publication. If required, clinical registries for in vitro and in vivo studies will be supported by a clinical advisory board.