Andre Riesinger (CEO)

Benion is well connected to numerous relevant players in various medical segments.

Your One-Stop-Shop for International Business

BENION is a company present both in the US and Europe and who keeps close connections to Asia. Our medical device global reach business operates on a foundation of integrity, commitment, focussed expertise and full transparency. These values consolidate our full-line service that is equally concerned with administrative, strategic and clinical affairs as well as with product, marketing and sales related themes.

As a medical device advisory firm, BENION is owned and run by a former CEO of a multinational wound care player. As a physician, BENION’s CEO, Andre Riesinger, is highly experienced in the global medical device business both clinically and commercially.

BENION’s advice and recommendations are based on the evaluations of independent and experienced medical device experts, each of them having at least one decade of extensive experience in the global medical device business. They are highly skilled in their field of expertise and come from a variety of backgrounds in different market segments. The team comprises of nurses, physicians, academic and business professionals.

Our core competencies focus on comprehensive advice on acute and chronic wounds (including burns) and associated medical areas such as Dermatology, Surgery and Vascular.

BENION’s network partners have consulted more than 70 medical device companies; startups, small companies and global multinational players.